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The Best Lip Balm 2017

During the winter, there are a lot of great things moments that really stand out from other seasons, from hot cocoa drink by the fire to play in the snow to enjoy the winter holidays. However, there are some things that many people fear in winter. Cold winter winds and inner heat can actually affect your skin and hair. You may find that during the winter, your hair is drier and prone to flyaways due to static electricity, and your skin may require a heavier lotion applied more often than usual.

Another thing that can suffer during the coldest months is your lips. Wind and heat can lead to dryness, which can result in licking them more to keep them moist. While this seems like a good idea, this really backs off and makes your lips even drier. If cold winter weather or arid climate has led to dry, cracked, and painful lips, you need to store up on top of a high quality lip balm to make it through the season. Fortunately, lip balm has come a long way from Vaseline. From balms to lips that impart beautiful colors of berries to those that offer a thick SPF 35, there is no shortage when it comes to the variety of lip balms available. So to help you discover the cream of the cream, we have compiled reviews of the best lip balm safely to soothe dry lips.

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Our Critics
Why only moisturize your lips when you can renew them? All that is needed is to apply this great product, which has a dual end applicator to serve two different functions. Since it is by ChapStick, a leader in lip care, you know it is a quality product.

At one end, you have the humectant stick, which adds much needed moisture into the cold, dry winter air. It is not dyed, so it is ideal for everyone, and glides smoothly. Your lips will look smoother, fuller and younger with regular application. If you want to restore cracked lips, the new side revitalizes them with natural butters, so that your lips look and feel better throughout the winter.
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