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The Best Treatment for Chapped Lips

The Best Treatment for Chapped Lips. By not having melanin (pigment that protects the skin from the rays of the sun and gives it color) the lips are prone to cracking much easier than the rest of the skin of the body.

There are several factors that contribute to the cracking of lips, such as winter cold and the habit of constantly lip licking. However, this situation should not be underestimated, since sagrified lips can be easily victimized by infections Bacterial and can cause the formation of sores in the mouth.

Some remedies that can be used to alleviate Chapped Lips are:

16 Best Treatment for Chapped Lips

Treatment for Chapped Lips # 1 Rub with a cotton swab dipped in olive oil.

Treatment for Chapped Lips # 2 Make an ointment of virgin bee wax and almond oil. To do this, you must place the wax in a container which is heated until the wax melts and mixes with the oil. Then it is expected to cool and solidify which will take between half an hour and an hour and apply it on the affected area on the lips before bed and when getting up.

Treatment for Chapped Lips # 3 Put a little bit of menthol balm on your lips.

Treatment for Chapped Lips # 4 Spread on your lips a droplet of the same moisturizer you use for your face before bed.

Treatment for Chapped Lips # 5 Gently apply a thin layer of cream or cocoa butter to the lips to protect them from dryness.

Treatment for Chapped Lips # 6 Apply three times a day, lard to chapped and parched lips.

Treatment for Chapped Lips # 7 Cut a slice of aloe vera and apply it when needed to the lips.

Treatment for Chapped Lips # 8 Cover lips with a thick layer of castor oil when they are cracked.

Treatment for Chapped Lips # 9 Rub a finger against the nose. Although it seems a lie, if you feel your lips extremely dry and has no element at hand, there is a beauty trick that can get you out of trouble is to put a finger next to the nose. And then rub the finger by the lips. With this action is collected a little of the natural oil that is in the nose which is the kind of oil that the lips need.

Treatment for Chapped Lips # 10 Leave a half cup of whole cow's milk in a porcelain bowl in the refrigerator for three days. After that time, remove the cream and apply on the lips several times a day. You can also boil the milk, remove the cream and apply it on the lips

Treatment for Chapped Lips # 11 Boil 1 piece of potato and obtain a puree and then add 1 teaspoon of almond oil and 1 tablespoon of milk. Beat until smooth. Let cool a little and apply on the lips.

Treatment for Chapped Lips # 12 Put a drop of baobab oil on the fingertip and spread it gently by the lips.

Treatment for Chapped Lips # 13 Put in water 1/2 teaspoon of shea butter and 1/2 tablespoon of avocado until it melts. Then stir until consistency is achieved. Let cool and cover. Apply to the lips several times a day until you feel better.

Treatment for Chapped Lips # 14 Pour 1 teaspoon of cocoa butter, 1/2 tablespoon of beeswax and 2 teaspoons of soybean oil. In a metal container and heat to bathe until melted. Stir until you get a paste with a clear consistency. Store in a glass jar with tight lid and apply to the affected area.

Treatment for Chapped Lips # 15 Heat 3 g of cocoa butter 3 g of beeswax in a simmer case until they are melted .. Remove the saucepan from the fire and add 1 g of macadamia oil and 4 drops of oil Tangerine essential Mix with a toothpick and pour into a small glass jar. When it solidifies, the cocoa will be ready for use. 

Treatment for Chapped Lips # 16 Rub only a little petroleum jelly on the lips in order to avoid rapid evaporation which has a drying effect. This remedy is also used to give lip gloss.


To avoid cracked lips, it is advisable to follow the following:

Check toothpaste. Sometimes the paste or mouthwash may be responsible for the lips to dry up, being an allergic reaction of the body. If that happens, discontinue use and instead use baking soda. "

Watching What You Eat Some foods worsen the condition of your lips, such as pepper, mustard, roast meat sauce, and alcoholic beverages. Therefore, it is best not to eat them until your lips are healthy.

Do not lick your lips. Although it seems a lie, the continuous exposure of the lips to the sage actually makes them dry. What happens is that when licking lips are removed any amount of oil they may have, coming from the surrounding areas. In addition the saliva contains digestive enzymes that can contribute, being acidic, with the dryness.

Drinking water It is necessary to hydrate the body and, for that reason, it is required to drink between 8 to 10 glasses of water per day.

Avoid smoking Smoking exacerbates the situation of cracked lips.

Using lipstick with sunscreen Because the sun can damage the lips and cause them to dry out just like on the rest of the skin, it is necessary to apply a lipstick that contains a protection factor of 15 or higher.

Take care of your vitamin intake. Sometimes people who suffer from dry lips have nutritional deficiencies (such as the Vita-B complex and iron). It is important to add foods that contain them in the daily diet. 

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