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What is The Best Chapstick for Chapped Lips? Personal Experience

What is The Best Chapstick for Chapped Lips. Hey girls welcome back to my blog and today I'm gonna do my top favorite for lip balm so far 2016. I live here in Florida so my lips and skin everything's super dry an chapped so I really just like to keep my lips moisturized so if you want to know which ones I enjoy just keep on reading.

Alright first I'm going to go with a very common thing that many people know and I've also done a video about this i'll definitely link it down below is coconut oil i love to use, coconut oil as a nighttime moisturizer for my lips. I just put on my lips before i go to bed and I wake up and it has reassured and put moisture back into my lips it's absolutely amazing another one.

I really enjoy which oh this is the main one and it's super inexpensive is the Maybelline Baby Lips and this doesn't have any tint to it it's just the yellow one that looks like this and you just put it and apply it just like regular lip balm this is the fierce in tangu one. So it smells fierce and tangy and this is what it looks like it's really inexpensive.

I believe I actually got to set the dollar tree so I did get it for a dollar but I know they have it at like target for a little bit more but this is really moisturizing for that quick moisture I usually put this on right before I put like a lipstick on because it doesn't take so long to dry so it's really that quick fix that I need.

Alright the next is this one and i believe i receive this in my Ipsy bag and this is Malin + goat easy. I'm pretty sure I butcher that so i'll just link it down below exactly what the name is and it's a mojito lip balm daily protection soothing treatment and it's super super moisturizing it kind of leaves like a gloss finish when i put it on. So i'll just put it on really quick I know if you can tell but it did give a little gloss finish but it is super moisturizing and this is just like every other lip balm it's for the prevention of treatment of dry live and it's to restore moisture so I really do like this one also this is what it is alright.

The next one is just a regular nice not even consider a lip balm is more like ages a lip treatment and this is the carmex original lip balm. And it suits and heels and protects the reason I like this so much it does if I have chappy lips or Chapped lips or the wind or the dry heat. And it's just really irritating my skin and I know a lot of the lip balms are just to like restore moisture act.

But this is just like pretty much putting vaseline this is the carmax I got this also at the dollar tree but I really really like it I believe you get at walmart it's a little bit more pricey but once in a while you get some really good deals from dollar tree so I really like going there but this is the carmex.

They also have it in little tubs which I used to use little tubs but it does a lot of Germans go back and forth because you're putting your finger in but this one is super cute super easy to use you just squeezing it comes out like that so I really do like this one.

Lastly i did get this one in my box each arm and this is a pure list daily lip nourisher with mango and shea butter hydrates nourishes heels softens for all skin types I like this one so much this is my favorite I use this in the coconut oil actually the most the other ones that keep in my purse oh I just keep in my makeup bag and I always applying it on my lip they all give a gloss except the baby lips but this one's my absolute favorite and I really enjoy this one and I'm not sure how much this one cost but i'll try to find it and link it for you guys down below like i said i did get this is my boxy charm and i really really like it and all of these i really like and recommend because I have such stripes I'm constantly moisturizing them so I like to have different options so if you have any lip balms that really work just comment down below because I'm always willing to try no one.
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